Day 174: Yellow Summer Lily Macro

While waiting for my carryout at a local restaurant in Livonia, Michigan, I wandered around outside with the sole purpose of locating interesting items for my iPhone 365 Project.  I took photos of a number of things, but wanted to find something that looked nice with the harsh sunlight.

I walked over to a batch of yellow summer lilies and was disappointed they weren’t at their freshest.  Nonetheless, I searched for one that allowed the sunlight to fall on it at an interesting angle.  Of all the photos, this one’s my favorite.

What do you think?  An interesting iPhone macro??

iPhone 365 Project Day 174: Yellow Summer Lily Macro

iPhone 365 Project Day 174: Yellow Summer Lily Macro

Photo taken in Livonia, Michigan

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  • Sara

    I’m a new photographer…love the lighting on this flower, can’t believe it’s iphone quality! It looks like it’s from a nice camera! Great idea of the 365 project!

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