Senior Pictures in the Fall

by Paul Manoian on June 21, 2013

Fall in Michigan is definitely my favorite time of the year.  So, I love every chance I get to do a session for fall senior pictures.  There is nothing quite like all of the colors on the trees and crunchy leaves on the ground.

I’m sure you’re thinking … “Hey!  It’s the first day of summer!  Why are you posting about fall senior pictures?!”

The reason is simple.  It’s because I start booking session for senior pictures in the fall as early as April and May before school lets out for the summer!  Even though it’s still June, you definitely need to act fast if you want a session during the peak fall color season.  It’s usually around the middle of October and only lasts for a couple of weeks.  These images from Brandon’s senior portrait session were taken on October 18. Some of the areas we used were still nearly fully green while others were well past their peak with crunchy brown leaves everyone on the ground.  Even so, we found one area that was just right and had amazing fall colors on the trees!
If you’re interested in scheduling a session for senior portraits in the fall, it’s very important that you select clothing and accessories that you can layer since it will add texture and dimension to your photos.  If you’re interested in researching what to wear, both Pinterest and Polyvore are excellent sources to find wardrobe ideas for your session.  Proper clothing selection will really make your senior pics stand out from the rest!

Fall truly is a great time for senior portraits.  But, it only takes one wind storm or some rain to knock all of the amazing color to the ground. So, it is best to schedule your session early!

If you’re interested in scheduling a fall senior portraits session, please feel free to contact me online or 734-776-0497 if you would like additional information. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Senior Pictures with Fall Colors

Pin It Fall Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures in the Fall

Pin It Fall Senior Portraits

Senior Pictures in the Fall

Pin It Senior Portraits in the Fall


Senior Pictures in the Fall

Pin It Fall Senior Photos

Senior Pictures with Fall Colors

Pin It Senior Pictures with Fall Colors




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