Motor City Casino Fashion Photo Shoot and Video

Detroit Fashion Photographer - Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot Video

Pin It Detroit Fashion Photographer – Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot Video

This behind the scenes photo shoot video was meant to capture the creative team involved in a fashion photo shoot in Detroit, Michigan.  The photo shoot goal was to be able to create a fashion photo spread for style and fashion magazines.

For the first look we wanted to do a cool men’s wear look that still had a feminine essence to it.  So, we selected a room with metallic walls that allowed the boldness of the shots to cut through.

When I was able to work with this creative team before on the makeup advertisement concept shoot, we were able to capture some great alluring head shots and I wanted to bring the essence this this shoot.  Sydney was going to wear a great orange dress so we selected a room with purple walls that really allowed the colors to contrast and pop off each other.  These were actually difficult shots to light because the room was very large and the ceilings were well over 20 feet tall.  To allow some of the purple color to bounce off the curtains, I had to use a strobe set to full power pointed straight up to bring enough light into the room.

We only had an hour and a half for the entire shoot including all of the equipment setup and tear down time as well as recording the behind the scenes photo shoot video!  There is no way I could have done this by myself and I want to send a sincere thank you out to everyone the helped us pull of the shoot and behind the scenes video in such a time crunch.  I believe that the creative team assembled for this shoot is truly world class!

Special thanks to:
Model – Sydney Kayte
Hair and Makeup – Melissa Whitt
Wardrobe – Cafana’s
Photo/Video Support – Morris Davis
Adele Freeman
Ron Randolph

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