Bohemian Chic Fashion Photo Shoot and Video

Detroit Fashion Photographer - Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot Video

Pin It Detroit Fashion Photographer – Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot Video

This behind the scenes photo shoot video captures the creative team involved in an on-location Bohemian Chic fashion photo shoot in Metro Detroit.  The shoot included 3 models and 9 different styled looks.  It was shot exclusively at Goldfish Tea in Royal Oak, MI.

All of the shots were done indoors, but under some challenging lighting conditions.  Lighting shots is easy; however, making all of the shots look the same is the difficult part.  From a massive backlight in the first location, to a bright front light in the second location to very little light in a darker sitting area … all of the images needed to look the same in the end. They all needed to have a bright, fun look to them regardless of the atmosphere and ambient light.

The first series of images was shot on a hand carved wooden tea bed in front of an enormous window facing a main street.  This presented us with a massive backlight that needed to be controlled.  We handled it by using two small soft boxes positioned high up into the open ceiling.  This gave us the light we needed and prevented them from being seen in the window as reflections and glare.

The second series of images was shot in front of a large display wall.  Because it was very close to the massive windows from the first series, there was a lot of lighting pouring in the front of the location.  As a result, the ambient light quickly tapered off along the display the farther back we went into Goldfish Tea.  To handle this, we used a very large octobox as the main key light to supplement the ambient light and a second, smaller softbox positioned purely to even out the light and “fill in” the space behind the models.  This gave the impression of an evenly lit location.

For the final series of images, we moved into the back of the location where there was very little ambient light.  There was absolutely no natural light to work with and the interior lighting only provided a dark, relaxed atmosphere.  This presented us with a challenge because we wanted the images to look just like those shot in front of Goldfish Tea.  To get the same effect, we used the same large octobox as the key light; however, this time, we used three small soft boxes strategically placed around the scene to light the background and make it appear as bright as the previous sets of images.

It was a very long day for the Creative Team but the results were well worth it!  There is absolutely no way I could have done this shoot by myself, and I am incredibly fortunate to have the backing of such a talented and dedicated team! They truly are world class!

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Special thanks to:
Model – Tess Finley (@ Factor Women)
Model – Ali Abela (@ Ford Models NYC / Productions Plus)
Model – Windsor (@ Wilhelminia / Jordan Mac Agency)
Hair Stylist – Atheer Istifan w/ Nancy Longordo
Makeup Artist – Melissa Whitt
Fashion Designer – Cynthia LaMaide
Fashion Stylist – Jamie Sturgill
Photo/Video Support – Morris Davis
Shoot Assistant – Kevin Monaghan
Goldfish Tea (Royal Oak, MI)
HB Salon (Troy, MI)
Janice Girling
Bashar Kallabat
Ron Randolph

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