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This CD includes all images from your portrait session. The images are not retouched nor processed other than what you see in your online proof gallery. Digital proofs from your session are at a resolution 100% higher than sites like SmugMug suggest as the minimum for 8"x12" prints. The actual dimensions are 1600x2400 pixels. In addition, smaller versions of each proof are included that are perfectly sized for posting to online community websites like Facebook and MySpace.

You may order individual Digital Proofs from your portrait session with blemish removal, teeth whitening and other retouching online here:

By purchasing High Resolution Digital Proofs, Paul Manoian Photography is selling you the right to reproduce the images for your own personal use. Paul Manoian Photography still retains the copyright of the images and credit is required to follow all images created by Paul Manoian Photography.

If you are planning to use an image for something other than personal use, please contact Paul Manoian Photography at 734-776-0497 to discuss the necessary licensing arrangements.